Relaunch Coming soon

Wait, what? Lemme give ya some back story...

Sometime in 2015, Jen-from-work (pictured...isn't she stunning?!) needed help making her wedding day more authentic.  I somehow convinced her that I could help.

Over the next few months,  I spent every Sunday in Jen and Michael's Brooklyn apartment cutting, sewing, fitting, pressing and making sure the hems were just right.  I remember standing at the ironing board thinking, "Can this just be what I do all the time?"

I made her a top and we turned a dress into a skirt and I cried when she made her entrance.   

I began my design journey with jewelry, in all honesty because it's easier to carry than ready-to-wear and there's something therapeutic about silversmithing. But ready-to-wear has always called me. After some life and thought, I decided to pull a Jen and make it more authentic. 

I am now in hermit planning mode getting ready for a brand relaunch.  I hope you'll stick with me on the journey.  And I hope you'll celebrate with me when ready-to-wear and fine jewelry come out in all their tangible glory (and I start crying again). Fresh and cool and timeless for moments that matter. Which, is pretty much every moment, right?  



photo credit: Bryan Sargent Photography